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About Us

Penang Chefs Association has remained steadfast to its original objectives for which it was incepted.

  • To procreate a strong network among chefs, which would enhance friendship, professionalism and camaraderie.
  • To actively promote Malaysia in global culinary scene, in particular Penang through culinary events.
  • To uphold and inculcate knowledge, skills, integrity, pride and professionalism of the culinary professionals.

About Penang Chefs Association

The inception of Chefs Association of Malaysia, Penang Chapter can be trace back to 1986 when Chef Max Hauser of Hotel Consult, Switzerland was in Penang to conduct a seminar on Advance Kitchen Cookery at Shangri-La Hotel. At this very occasion Chef Gerhard Kohler then Executive Chef of Shangri-La Hotel had conceived the idea of forming an association for the chefs and cooks in Penang. Hence, PENANG HOTELS’ CHEF ASSOCIATION was born!

Since it’s humble beginning, even with less than 50 members, Penang Hotels’ Chef Association (PHCA) was very active indeed. Countless seminars & training sessions e.g. Butcher
In the month of September 1994, PHCA through the merger with Chefs Association of Malaysia had evolved into Chefs Association of Malaysia, Penang Chapter. This union had made possible for CAM. Penang Chapter to affiliated with the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS), which is the umbrella body for the global Chefs Associations and Societies.

Chefs Association of Malaysia, Penang Chapter since 2016 is known now as Penang Chefs Association. Penang Chefs Association has since been growing and is still increasing in its membership. It’s holds a numerous Malaysian Book of Records e.g. ” Largest Fruits Punch”, ” Tallest Fruits Tower” and etc.

Penang Chefs Association is still actively organizing its Battle of the Chefs competition and it has grown to be Penang International Salon Gastronomique. Not only that it had also venture into organizing Culinary Exposition e.g. Sajian, iFOODex, Penang Culinary Expo (PCE) etc. Assisting in organizing Food & Fruits Fiesta, and many more culinary related activities.

Penang Chefs Association through its Welfare Fund had assisted its member in their difficult time and had been active in organizing charity events to help not only its coffer but also the most needy, Chocolate Works and Skill Training to name a few had been organized for the betterment of the local culinary profession. Culinary competitions such as the BATTLE OF THE CHEFS were organized to horn the skill of our local chefs and to evaluate our standards.

Penang Chefs Association