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International Chefs Day 2015

written by admin July 14, 2016

Organized by Penang Junior Chefs Club (PJCC) and supported by Penang Chefs Association (PCA) and Penang Elite Chefs Club (PECC) together with about 150 chefs and volunteers from all over Penang, the International Chefs Day 2015 was again a huge success with support and sponsorship of food items, equipment, utensils, logistics and most of all given us their valuable time.

Held at the Penang Municipal Park on Saturday, 17th October 2015 with the theme “Healthy Kids- Healthy Future” is the campaign message. The intention for this year is to engage with a local school, nursery school or kindergarten in our community and to have fun with young children, while teaching them about healthy eating. Thanks to our partner Nestlé Professional and the assistance of the Penang Chefs Association committee, we have created healthy breakfast with lots of fun activities and games to keep all our young guests amused and entertained.

Once again our sincere thank you to all who have made this celebration a meaningful and joyful one. It is great to be a part of the caring community of the Penang Chefs Association.

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